Maya OdimPHOTO: Roberto Burgos Jr.

Through teaching and performance I work both independently and collaboratively to host workshops, create curriculum, and participate in exhibitions that bring together three elements: agriculture, movement and writing.

In gardens I am building, planting, harvesting and hosting workshops while also building with folks in schools and communities as a teaching artist of movement, poetry and agriculture.

The forward to Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon, includes a passage that reads: “We have to know where our ideas come from”; Morrison discusses the importance of the muse and acknowledges its existence, but more pressing, she discusses the importance of the knowledge of the source of our ideas. Knowing there is a muse means nothing if we have not explored why this is our muse. It was only after Morrison went searching for the origin of her ideas that she understood: to know your art you have to know what inspires you. No matter what it is I do, I smuggle in the act of creating an artist statement— sometimes in support of myself and sometimes in support of those I'm working with.


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